to get the by userid
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      I have a table records bound with aggregate having multiple sources and multiple joins

  • one of the joins is  request with user with a condition
  • request table having multiple user identifier attributes with different roles
  • so i want to get the user name of a user with the help of the userid returned by the aggregate

    thanks in advance

Hi Saurabh,

Use User table and add a where condition based on userID

hi @Devendra Baghel
         I have tried it but the table records is having the source of an aggregate and if i am calling another aggregate of users and passing the current id in the users aggregate as a filter its not returning the name not even data actions are able to, i have tried making function also to get user name with userid  and tried using in the new attribute in aggregate .. but its not working .

Hi Saurabh,

Can you share more detail, may be oml file

Hi @Saurabh Sengar ,

1. I think you must change join type from with or without to only with and make join like request.userid=user.userid

also add filter which you want to return value.

2.create structure , which contains required column, and lastly onafterfetch of aggregate use append using foreach in strucute list.

3.better to provide table source and join of aggregate and mention in details so community member will help you.



Hi @Saurabh Sengar,

Good Day!

please check the code that having any sources.

Example :

Here I'm using Employee Entity and User Entity in side the joins I added a JOIN.
please add the with or without join.
check the condition that Employee.UserID  = User.ID having their relation.

Now from directly in the Interface you can achieve your requirement by adding Attribute from table.

I hope this helps and you'll found a solution.
Please acknowledge the same.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy

hi @Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Palle 

 thank you for your giving your time, what if there is one more join request with user where condition is


i want to fetch the name of assignedto  user and also want to get the email of the employee which is related with user table .. i want to get the data of two users with the same aggregate.

thanks & best regards

Saurabh Singh Sengar

Hi ,

Yes you can, Here there is a Relation between Request and User, so same thing will applicable here as well.
make sure Request.assignedto Identifier should be User Identifier.

For more clarification please attach the OML so that I can say the changes to do.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy.

these are joins and i want to get the email of employee  which is in users table and
want to get name of the assignedto user which is also in the users table

 these fields are showing in table records . how can i get these distinct fields for distinct users having different roles


Yes Saurabh,

those two values are different attributes right 

So it will display those values 

and There is a relation with employee and User it's fine

And there is a relation with employee and request also fine 

No need to add another join for Request and User 

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