[OutSystems UI Web] Feedback message doesn't show using LayoutMenuSide
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Using 1.9.1 version, the feedback message doesn't show using LayoutMenuSide.

Please can anyone help us?

Best Regards,

Luiz Alberto Jr.

Also being able to replicate this issue, in LeftSide the feedback is loaded inside the div <div class="hide-on-service-studio OSInline"> and it's causing to hide and in TopSide layout this class never exists in the DOM.

My temp fix would be something like this, while there is an official fix

.hide-on-service-studio { -servicestudio-display: none;display: inline-block!important;}


.hide-on-service-studio.OSInline { -servicestudio-display: none;display: inline-block!important;}

Hi @Luiz Alberto de Oliveira Júnior 

Thanks for reaching us. 

That issue was introduced with our latest release and will be fixed on our release of this week. After the release, please update it and check if is everything fixed.

The workaround provided by @Carlos Escórcio is the best solution for this scenario.

Bruno Marcelino

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