validation for enable button if thare is no changes

hallo my name is malik from indonesia

i want ask about validation in form.

the question is validation for enable button if thare is no changes

if i want edit my form or no changes, the button save/next is disable

if any changes the button will enable

please help me

thank you


Hi @Azure Hydra ,

yes you can do it by adding Button enable conditions as per your requirement.

Until the fields are empty you can disable the button.
once all the fields are filled the expected results then you can enable it.

Please find the below attached OML file and demo link.

link : DEMO Link

I hope this helps and you'll found a solution for your requirement.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy

Button enable.oml


For enabling and disabling the button, you should provide one condition in the properties of button Enable. You can take one boolean variable and if you want some changes then it will be true  and it is  enabled otherwise it will be disabled.

I hope this is your required thing

Best Regards,

Tanisha Mahendru

Azure Hydra

i upload a oml file please go throw this


Hi Azure Hydra, 

Every button has a 'Enabled' property where you can evaluate any type of condition, being true it will show the respective button if not it will make the button grey and not able to click on it.

In your case you can use a boolean like @Tanisha Mahendru said, if something changes the boolean becomes True and the button is now clickable. Other way is to compare each attribute from the form with the data on your server if they are not equal the button show's up.

There's also a 'Visible' property on each button where you can actually make the button disappear according to the condition on it (same way as the 'Enabled' property).

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