[OutSystems UI] SectionIdex IsFixed does not work inside an Accordion
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11.52.0 (Build 59299)

When we add a SectionIndex component with IsFixed property as True inside an Accordion the property is ignored.

Follows attached the OML file. Also, a link for testing: https://jpmo22.outsystemscloud.com/SectionIndexAndAccordionTest/SectionTest

  • What do you need?
    Use the SectionIndex with IsFixed property inside an Accordion.

  • What are the steps to reproduce?
    Create a screen with an Accordion and add a SectionIndex inside. Change the IsFixed property to True.


Hi João.

The section index is fixed option that uses the is sticky position CSS property and you can't use that inside a component with overflow hidden. Also, from a UX perspective inside an accordion, it's not a good practice.
This being told, the is fixed will never work inside those kinds of patterns, and its by design.


Thanks for your answer and sorry for the late response. 

Because of a business decision, the accordion was removed from the proposed solution and we moved to the Tab component. 

Unfortunately, it seems tabs have the same issue. We created a component similar to the Tab component.

I totally agree with your technical explanation. Once again, thank you for your response.

Hi João Paulo.

Would you mind marking the thread as solved to help any other community member with similar doubts? Thank you!


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