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Hello everyone, The action listAppend not working, when i use listAppend inside a foreach, only the first element  is inserted in the localList.Ihave a prepation where the output is a list(kpiTatico)  and a have append some elements of this list in a local list(kpiList). I have to use append because a pagination local list. If possible how i could make a pagination list of a local list, because all methods that i have tried not working.

Hi Nikollas,

firstly can you debug and confirm kpiTatico list have all the elements there?

In alternative you can use ListAppendAll to copy the entire list at once to kpiList without using a ForEach.


Hello from my point of view the problem is not in list append

please check the source of the list in UI and the rows parameter in the UI
some time its happened we give source as data action and in the expression of row we are passing local current data or vice versa (same source list and same current record for that list in expression better understanding pasting below Screenshot)

make sure that your source and expression coming from one thing only (i.e list of local variable and expression for current record also )

and from the first look its looking that issue only

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