How to insert a token in a consume API

Hello everyone, 

i am kinda having a problem i am running using post man this API 

and i need just to insert the token to get the response that contains the Key and other information

But when i use the same Url on a consume module in Outsystems i can't generate the response because it says like indicated in the photo bellow. please can anyone help me 

Hello melki,

In the postman it will automatically generated 

But in the outsystems you need to pass every time for that in api input you need one parameters with Authorization and before passing to api you need to set that 

For setting that some time if need pretend auth token also 

And some time this works , please go through the below post for better understanding..

Authorization article :

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Hi Melki,

As per the screenshot, please check the following syntax for authorization parameters

Syntax : Authorization: Bearer<space><token>

                Authorization: Bearer eyJraWQiOiJwZDVGTWhBbnNXblRTb0NXOHpUdWNjb1RmYW13

  • Add space between "Bearer" and token  
  • Remove double quote

I hope this works ...



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