Hello, I am new  to the  AgilePlatform, and am having some trouble...
I´ve done all the tutorials, they seemed simple enough, but trying to do things on my own is different.

What I am trying to do at the moment is create a form for a user to put in values, enter these values in the database, then redirect to a page which shows me these values (I intend to use these values in a chart once I get this much working).

So far I´ve created the form with local variables. I also have a data structure, consisting of only one entity with 2 attributes (Id and value). 
I submit the form to a screen action I call "save", where I supposedly store the values in the database. What is the best way of getting the variables in the database?

How can I get these values out of the database and put them in working variables?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Michael, 

can you share with us your espace so we can take a look on whats wrong?

You should also take a look for the Developer Course 1 in the Academy.

Thank you, but I managed to sort it out myself. Turns out I wasn´t creating a record properly, and I was using a query when i should of used an action.