[OutSystems Data Grid] OnCellValueChangeEvent of Data Grid not fired when two columns have the same binding.
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11.51.9 (Build 58720)

I am using Outsystems Data Grid in the Forge market to create a grid in my reactive application. (Outsystems Data Grid version: 2.6.2)

I am experiencing a problem where the OnCellValueChangeEvent will not be fired when I have two columns in the data grid binding to the same attribute in the database. I set a client action as the handler to the event on one of the columns. When I changed the value of the cell of that column, the client action does not get executed. However, when I remove the other column with the same binding, the event is fired and handled by the client action as it should be.

I am attaching a replication of the problem in the sample OML file. In the sample app, "First Name" is a column that has OnCellValueChangeEvent but will not get fired and handled because there is another column with the same binding. "Last Name" column has the same event too but will get handled properly when the cell value is changed.



Hi Hsien Hwa Cheong,

First of all, thank you for bringing this topic up and for providing a sample with the issue being reproducible which helps a lot in troubleshooting. 
Having columns with the same binding is something we currently don't support since isn't something quite usual.
I'll try to check this internally and, if possible, provide you with a possible workaround.


Hi Gonçalo Martins.

Thanks for the reply!

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