J2EE Extension Compilation Error

I'm trying to compile a J2EE extension and I'm getting this error:

J2EE Compilation.

javac: invalid flag: -buildfile
Usage: javac <options> <source files.

J2EE Compiler Tool Options are empty in Integration Studio options.

Please advise.

Hi João,

This sounds like a simple configuration problem in Integration Studio. Please make sure that you have installed JDK 1.6+, ANT 1.6.1+ and eclipse and properly defined the JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME environment vars.

Then configure the Integration Studio options J2EE Integrated Development Environment to point to eclipse.exe, and the J2EE Compiler Tool to point TO ANT.BAT. I believe this later case may be your problem (are you pointing to javac?).

Let me know,

Indeed, I was pointing to javac.

After installing ANT and setting the environment variables everything appears to be OK.