How to delete inactive static entity rows from database?

Hi there,

If I request the static entity from database directly, I can see the row which have been deleted in service studio on the list with [is_active] = False.

If I check it in the service studio, that row is not available.

I tried to use the "Delete..." statement to delete that row, but it's not allowed.

And our SQL action now is referring to the deleted/inactive one, which would cause data error in the front end.

Does anyone have any idea how to delete that row?



Dear Bily,
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Did you try using this option ? First Click Import from Database and then click Delete after selecting your record.

1) Righclick static entity, then edit:

Then :


Hi Palak,

Yep I just did, but no rows added.

and that row still not showing.

Dear Bily,
I believe its not adding the records or updating records because you already have same identifier value called Decimal.

Can you try to select & delete Decimal (Order = 8) and then try again ? As they are same identifier may be conflicting with old Decimal which is already deleted. 

I would suggest to delete all Decimal available in the list and then add it again once records are deleted completely. 


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