CSS Queries for creating style Sheets

Hi @everyone,

I need to work on CSS such that we can create and modify colors based on  the clients color requirements. Since this will enhance the branding aspect and allow users to have a feel good factor about their ownership in the project.

Looking for solutions to  modify default CSS.
Queries with reference to what should be the style classes entities i should use, to modify  and make color changes with reference to font colors, font type, size. sort of a revamp for every User/Client.

UI image of my application  as a sample to what i am working on 

Revmaxclaimsummarypage (2).oml

The post above offers some terrible advice. You should avoid using "!important" in your CSS as much as possible.

As to your original question, it's not very clear what exactly you are trying to do. Do you need to customize the application's look-and-feel according to your customer's needs? Then this documentation should help you: Themes in OutSystems.

If what you need is to allow the customer to dynamically change the app's theme, then this Forge component might help you: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/10526/multi-theme-library

Hi Saif,

You can create separate  CSS files (for example ClientID+suffix.css) for each client and in OnReady event of your Layout you can  load the CSS dynamically using javascript code  some thing like below

var link = document.createElement( "link" );
link.href = file.substr( 0, file.lastIndexOf( "." ) ) + ".css";
link.type = "text/css";
link.rel = "stylesheet";
link.media = "screen,print";

document.getElementsByTagName( "head" )[0].appendChild( link );

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