New online course! Neo's Odyssey - A coding challenge

Hello everyone!

Last December we held the first ever OutSystems coding challenge called 2021: Neo's Odyssey. 

After a successful first attempt we had some feedback we needed to work, one piece of feedback that was shared with the team was to make the challenge available in our online training.

And that's why I'm very happy to let you know that Neo's Odyssey is now available as an online course!

You can find the course here or just using the search available in the courses list.

This way you can keep up with your progress and quickly give us feedback for each challenge.

Special thanks to the participants that shared this feedback while Neo's Odyssey was open and to William Vermeulen for submitting the idea.

That's it folks!

Thanks :)

Great content!

Wow.i will definitely gonna do it.

Great , It Helps a lot.

Thanks for sharing !!

Great, thanks !

Intrigued to know what the course contains,

Thanks for the info.

Go enjoy the course :)

Great, Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information!
Amazing Courses!!

Got de-railed while doing this trying to keep up with the days. I should really go back and finish it, shame on me.

Great! thanks for sharing information.

Great, thanks!

Just followed Neo's Odyssey course. Kudos to the content creator. S/he wrote the lesson texts like a fiction story, which makes it even more interesting and stimulates the reader to go on to the next, the next, and the next.

Awesome Content !! Thanks for sharing

Nice content, thanks!!

Great, Thanks for the information!

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