What CSS can I use for a Dropdown search to change color according to a Boolean var?
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11.14.10 (Build 59113)

Hi, I'm still new with OutSystems and I haven't done much with the Style Sheet Editor and I would like to know how to make a Dropdown Search have a red outline when a local Boolean variable is turned False (not valid)?

Hi Beatriz,

If I remember correctly I think you need to create a css class to make the border red and use the ExtendedClass property of the dropdown to set that class if you have an error. To do this you should make an IF in the ExtendedClass that puts the class if you have an error, for this you will also need a Boolean screen variable, like DropdownHasError that you can set as True in your validations.

Not sure if there is a simpler way... but this worked for me in the past ;)



Hello Beatriz,

Please refer this discussion


if this will not solved your problem (my  problem was solved on upper) Check below Post

1) I already answer this question in previous with OML


2) same type of Question already posted and got solution with OML(if its traditional style working logic is same)


May be this will helps you 

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Thanks, I can make the validations, what I needed was to also make the border red, like the dropdowns get when they aren't valid.

What I did was a temporary fix by putting a container around the dropdown search, which gets a red border every time the  variable is False.

But thanks for the references.

But i already answered that question have you check that when your field is not valid then drop-down will show in red border right ? If yes already I answer that (in two link oml is also attached )

If no then can you elaborate ??

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