Pagination is not working for list records, but working for table records.

we are trying to implement pagination for list records, we have provided all mandatory inputs to the widgets. But it was working fine for table records.

it should work. so the question is: what did you forget/do wrong?

Can you give more information / screenshots?

FYI, what i did  (and perhaps you can follow the same steps) is that i created a listwidget and gave it the same name as the tablewidget. Ofcourse that leaves a nr2 at the end.

Then delete the tablewidget and remove that number from the listwidget, so it will have the same name as the tablewidget did.

If you place that listwidget inside the same container as the tablewidget was, and use that container to refresh in your refresh screen action, it should work just fine.

Hi @konakalla hareesh babu ,

Good Day !

On Initial days, I too stuck with this implementation.

1. Add one local variable and through the preparation copy the aggregate values into the local variable list.

2. Change Rich widget as per the requirement as per the requirement.

Demo Link 

There you can see the provided OML it will be helpful to you, I'm attaching the OML as well.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy


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