problem in the range slider feature


I have a problem with the range slider feature, it works perfectly when I'm in the English locale, but when I transfer into Hebrew locale, the slider moves to the left and not according to it's value.

English locale :

Hebrew locale :

Thank you!


This seems to be a conversion issue on the face of it. Can you provide code snippets of the underlying logic of your slider button. What expression are you using?

Yes I think so too, because the change of direction between English to Hebrew..

Thanks for your help!

Can you show a snip of the logic for your conversion. This shows that you are receiving information from an input, but I think the underlying logic for conversion from English to Hebrew (as you've pointed out) seems to be the issue. If it were me, I'd put a "breakpoint" on the conversion formula and run through debug to see the actual values you're getting back. 


Hello ofri hazan ,

Can you share your .OML for review please?

Kind regards.

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