[Ultimate PDF] Connection timeout for PDF generation
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11.14.7 (Build 58100)
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11.14.0 (Build 34092)


I tried to generate a PDF using UltimatePDF version 5.1.1, but a connection timeout occurred in the UltimatePDF_Service.

I investigated the cause of the error and found a PuppeteerSharp.NavigationException in StartAndWait in AsyncUtils.cs.

What are the possible causes?

Thank you in advance.

Connection timeout for PDF generation.txt

Hi Fukuda,

Ultimate PDF uses puppeteer headless browser to render the web page and that runs on separate process from the hosted server. You need to check that website is rendering from that server may be some firewall or proxy is blocking the request causing error connection time out.

Best Regards


Hi Devendra.

Thanks for the advice.

I launched a browser on the front-end server and connected to the target URL in order to verify if it is blocked by a firewall or proxy.

As a result, the HTTP status code was 500.

I am assuming that if it is blocked by a firewall or proxy, the HTTP status code would return 408, etc.

Am I using the wrong verification method?

Thank you in advance.

Hi fukuda,

Please refer below url 


The idea is in order to work that ULTIMATE PDF web app should render from the server.

Best Regards


Did you try to use the SetRequestTimeout from HttpRequestHandler? 

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