*University work pls help* Set x axis spacing, max number of records
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I am creating an area graph with data from a csv, and I can already display the graph, however, in the x axis, I can only display 1000 records (in the aggregate where my data comes from, I can only set the Max. Records to 1000, otherwise, the graph does not print) , but my file has over 3000. I think the problem is caused by the spacing between the values in the x axis, but I tried to change it and could't find that setting; I have also tried to set the X Axis Maximum Value manually, but the grap only displays the 1000 records I refered before. Can someone help?


If you're using outsystems charts, you probably will need to dig a little into how to configure it to your needs.

Outsytems Charts are an implementation of Highcharts. You can customise them with these parameters. They take a json as an input and will interpret it per the highcharts documentation.

@Mariano Picco  thank you for your answer! I understand that, I have already inserted a HighchartsJSON, that changes the color of the graph, but to change the spacing in the x axis, I cannot find anything.

Ah, right. Well it's been a while since I had to customise a highcharts chart, but the documentation is extensive and excellent.

Maybe start here? 


Stuff like min, max, minRange, etc. pop out to me

It'll be hard to find the right thing, each case is unique. But I have faith in you.

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