What is The best brackets to use message broker between modules in OutSystems

I need to reduce dependencies between modules  in my solution

so I think that I can implement something like Domain aggregate events using external service bus or even message broker between my outsystems modules

First I want to know if this is a good idea or not
and if it is
I want to know the best way to do that

thanx in advanced

Feels like it needs a little more detail.

If your modules are tightly coupled, like using server actions (strong dependencies) maybe you can migrate these to service actions (weak dependencies), and keep the same functionality. 

Check these out:



Don't skip the 'Dealing with transactionality and networking' part

thank you  Mariano  for your early response with this strong details so depending on what you said what about create a MW module with service actions layer to handle communication between my Core service modules ?

Hello Hassan,

Entirely not sure what the current structure of your app looks like, and what your final objectives are, but there are probably different possible approaches to decouple your modules and shift your architecture into something more modular. 

Do you have an outsystems professional/expert level person working with you? 

Hi Mariano 

I just asking for general ti know more about outsystem best practices 

I understand. It's a bit much to go through in a Forum discussion, but there's a lot of documentation to guide you, guided paths, video tutorials. It's totally doable. If you have a much more specific question let me know maybe I can assist you.

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