Get a list of all server and client actions inside a module
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11.14.11 (Build 59394)

For purposes of calculating unit test coverage, I need to know how many Client & Server Actions I have.  I'm looking for a query that will tell me how many Actions are shared with my testing module.  In short, if I have five Actions that are public and listed as dependencies in my module, I want to run a query that tells me I have five dependencies and what they are.

(This may seem silly when there's just five, but by the time I have 1000 actions, I need to know what they all are and how each is being tested).

How do I write queries that let me find actions?

(to be clear this ask is somewhat different than the one posted by Daniel Martins here).

Hi Terry

Have you tried OutDoc? It's a really cool app that generates documentation for your modules, including the Server and Client Actions that they have and consume.

Hope this will help you ;) 

Edit - just notice this was already suggested in the post you mentioned...



Hi Terry,

As I understand from your question, you have a given specific testing module that references several to be tested actions (both client and server), and you want a query showing you similar information you might also get from opening the dependency window on that module, right ?

For this you can run a query on the Espace_Reference entity in the System module.

see attached oml



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