WSO2 w/ OutSystems

Just for curiosity, anyone here already used WSO2 in an OS Application? Any improvement using it?


I've worked in a project where WSO2 was used as an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) for facilitating communication between different systems. OutSystems was a middleware consuming data from different backend/CRM/ERP systems and it was always using APIs exposed by WSO2 instead of directly using the legacy systems APIs/Databases.

As a benefit I can say it provides an extra layer of abstraction/security on top of different systems. Plus it can ensure that changes in the external systems don't directly impact the OutSystems apps, because WSO2 should version the exposed APIs and can ensure that they have same signature even if something changed in the other systems.

Also, the systems we had to integrate with were using both SOAP and REST protocols, some of which were quite outdated. WSO2's job was to expose all of them as REST with an OAuth2 type authorization, which again makes the APIs easier to maintain and more secure.

Hope this gives you some ideas about it.



Thanks Bogdan, that was exactly the kind of answer i was looking for! Gonna try it and make some tests. Have a nice day! šŸ¦ 

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