Delete all espace references from DB

Delete all espace references from DB

Hi all,

Is there any DB script to delete all references (tables, DB constraints, etc)  from a deleted espace?

Thanks in advance
Hi Rui,

There is a Technote that contains SQL snippets to generate SQL scripts to drop some of the elements related to a (deleted) eSpace at

However, it does not officially cover the latest Platform Server versions so some tweaking may be needed.

Having said that, we strongly urge you to consider if this is really the best way to solve the problem you're trying to address (you did not specify what it is that you're trying to mitigate).

As you noticed, the Agile Platform is very conservative on actually deleting data for safety's sake. If it's the case that, for example, your DEV environment is just too cluttered with all sorts of test eSpaces etc, we normally advise creating a Solution with what you really want to keep, rebuilding the catalog and and publishing just this "official" version rather than doing discreet cleaning of lots of abandoned eSpaces.