Table with dropdownbox based on query value on the same row

i have a table that fetch a query that relates entity1 with entity2 and entity3.

the idea is for column 1 to be the descritption and colum2 to be a value that is associated with entity3 in a dropdown.

the query work but when i change on value on the dropdown every value changes to exact same.



Would be easier if you could share the OML file.

But from what I can see, you need to reference the attribute id from the entity with the options, that way you can pass which options are selected or not for each record. But I am not completely sure, that's why I would need to see how did you build your entities.



Hi @jorge cardoso

Yes I understand your requirement but need to check the code.

If Possible can you please share the OML, It is happening regard of Refreshing the Aggregate on change of dropdown.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy

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