What would be the best way to zoom (in) InlineSVG element?

I have a mobile app where I have a very detailed InlineSVG element and I need to add the option to zoom in the svg element (in a similar way you would zoom in a picture). Is there a way I can add this functionality to my app? I have seen some discussions and plugins about zooming in images, but nothing about InlineSVG. Any ideas?

Hello Rajapurkar,

thank you so much for your answer! Unfortunately I did look at most of those posts before making the post and I didn't find a solution to my issue. The only possible solution I found was the last post ( https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/75563/zoom-in-and-out-easy-way/ ), but that doesn't work in my case because it zooms in the entire body of the document, rather than just the svg element, or am I missing something? 



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