Placeholders in a List

Hello All,

I have been working in Outsystems for the past year and I though I would start being more active in the community, so this is my first post. I am loving working in this system and I get super excited at the idea of creating reusable components. With that I wanted to pose a question to everyone:

Is there a way in Outsystems to be able to pass in a placeholder to a list and be able to connect the data in the list back to the placeholder? My understanding is this is not possible in base Outsystems, but could it be done using other means? To add some context, lets say I wanted to make a generic component that would have a bunch of core functionality such as popping open and closed but would display the placeholder design as each list item?

I know something similar can be done with the out of the box drop down component, but I want to be able to create components of different designs and use cases with a similar concept.



Dear Melissa,
Greetings of the day & Welcome to the community

As per the description you have provided, I understand this:
You are trying to add placeholder inside list and want to pass dynamic values in the placeholder.
Is this correct understanding ? or there is something else?


Palak Patel

Hi Palak,

That is correct. Ultimately I want to be able to pass generic data into a block that contains a list with a placeholder. You could then put any visual design into that placeholder to display the data the way you want it to appear with the data that is passed in. A perfect example of this is the already existing drop down component.


Melissa Lenders

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