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Hey guys, Pretty new to this platform.

I am trying to filter a dropdown based on the selection of a separate dropdown.

I searched through the forums and I get an error when I try to load the example apps that some very kind helpers have made stating the version is out of date or missing dependencies.

I basically have a few sites that have machines
so I need to select a site and the second dropdown needs to show the machines that belong to that site.

I have to DB's created.

1st has all of the sites 

2nd has a few test machines and I linked them by site ID.

do I need to create a 3rd empty db to hold the values after it's filtered and make the 2nd dropdowns source the 3rd DB?

if so how do I make the 3rd DB pull the new values depending on the site selected? 

any help would be greatly appreciated =)

Hi @kevin carrillo 

It will happen based on Fetching the data on demand.

Same question I answered recently, Please check the below link of that particular post.

Still you are facing the issue after following the steps.

Please let me know exactly where you are getting an issue, If possible attach your OML so that we can help you.

I hope this post will helps you.

-Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy 

Fetching Data On Demand Exercise.pdf

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