How can I Read data from input fields and create JSON ?
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I want user to enter data in Form which is going to the database and want to Convert this input field data in JSON format to call API to Sign JSON data. Please help .

Hello Lucky,

Can you explain in detail, like at what step currently you are? 

You can use the JSON Serialize widget to convert your records to JSON.

Example added below:

Hi Riyas 

I have prepared UI data is storing in database. Can u tell me the logic you mentioned is of ehat ??

Hi Lucky,

What does the REST-API that you consumer expect? Can you give a little more info about that?
If you mean sending the entity data as JSON, then OutSystems most probably converts this to you. You can just use the values from the entity.

I have to read data from input fields and create JSON then call API to Sign JSON data.

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