bug report: static entity boolean value with comment

Hi, in our project we noticed this issue with commenting after a boolean value in a static entity attribute.

We have a producer module for the static entity, where, when entering "False //comment" it does not raise any errors.
So, as far as the developer who entered this comment knows, nothing is wrong.
However, when the consumer module wants to publish, the following Internal Error occurs.

My problem(s) with this :- if commenting in a static entity boolean attribute value is not allowed, the PRODUCER module should not have let us publish that comment. Shouldn't the 'String was not recognised as a valid boolean' message already occur then?

- the Internal error could have contained some more information, like for example mention the producer module where it occured, or the static entity name, or the attribute name? that would have won us quite some investigation time on this issue.

- if my only options are TRUE or FALSE, why even allow the developer user to type so freely in that property value, only to create internal errors afterwards? To me, it would make more sense to disable free input, if only strict boolean value is allowed.

So, to wrap up, the main issue is already located and resolved, hence the discussion instead of question.
But given my minor frustration about it (it was me who added that comment value :-D), I still would like to hear what others might have to say on this. Is it a bug? Or was I at fault for trying to enter a comment at that specific place?


Hi Gwen,

Always use /* comment */ instead of // comment

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