Menu not displaying correct active item
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11.14.0 (Build 34092)

I have a shared menu to be used by one "application" made up of several modules:

It is in a seperate module:

The requirements are that only some of the links should appear depending on the roles the user has. Hence the "getRoles" data fetch. Each "IF" is checking against the roles returned from "GetRoles". 

In the GetRolesAfterFetch action i set the activemenuitem. 

Then in one of the modules that makes up the Application, i set which item i want to be active on the screens. 

However when navigating to that screen either none of the items are highlighted as active, or the "SIMS" link is. 

I have tried triggering the "SetActiveMenuItems" Action at different stages but nothing seems to make the correct menu item display correctly.

Unfortunately there are more than one screen which will have the active item as 0 so the URL will not exactly match the URL on the link. 

Is there any workaround for this? Alternatively I will have to display all of the menu links to every user and have the Invalid permissions screen handle security issues. (Each screen requires specific roles to access)

Dear Christopher Kennedy,
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Is the above mentioned issue you are still facing ?

If still the issue is there, can you please provide details like how you are activating the menu items ? Are there any conditions placed or they are nested in IF-else ?

One more question, are you able to use if-else based on roles to activate menu items ? 

i.e. If Role = xyz, then isenable = true or something like this ?

Still, with your description, I am not able to understand the exact issue you are facing. 


Palak Patel

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