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I created an Org Chart which is still a work in progress. I am new to outsystems and I have been thrown a bit of a curve ball and I hope I can explain in a way that you can understand.

Below is my hierarchial organization chart which for a beginner I think is coming along quite nicely thanks to some help from forum members as well as a Hierarchical Organizational Chart plugin.

I have been tasked to display the organization where one person would report directly to the CEO but is not on Management level i.e PA. How would I be able to display that level? 

This is a screenshot of my current. I need Kats to be one level below the Managers but still report directly to the top level.

Thank You in advance for your advice/help!!

Quite not sure if I understood. Kats is already reporting directly to Philip Diaz. The Managers would be above him, right?  That person who should report directly to the CEO but is not on Management level (which may be the chart you shared), wouldn't report to anyone else? 

I mean, that person is one level below the Management level, but reports only to the CEO? Wasn't so clear to me, but it all depends on your data modeling.

Thank you for your reply Anderson. 

I hope this explanation would make it clearer. The whole line that Kats is in, are the Managers. Kats needs to be a level below them in the Graphic. 

I have changed my data to try and achieve it but it does not change. 

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