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I am sure this is something simple to do.

I have a list that is in a block.  When the user selects an item from that block a detail page opens that allows the user to make changes to the underlying data.

Right now, when the user is done, I have them navigate back to the form with the block.  The issue is it does not bring them back to same place

I would like to have them be able to go back to the point where they left the page, like this


I added a basic oml to show what I am talking about.  I hope it provides enough information

Thank you



Hi @Andrew Finkelstein
If you mean to back to current position before we go to detail list, 
Have you tried this action?

But if ScrollToElement action doesn't work, try to use javascript.
I once made it on a project, but it's quite difficult, because we have to know which Div we have to scroll to the previous position.

let me know first, if ScrollToElement doesn't work, 
I'll share you oml file about javascript to bring u back to the previous position on screen.

Raja Manullang

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