[OutSystems Data Grid] Version 2.6.2 introduces breaking changes and it shouldn't
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I would expect that a version with a patch version update like 2.6.2 would not introduce any breaking changes.
If breaking changes are introduced, at least the feature version should be changed.
Component version should follow the same schema as the OutSystems platform, describe here:

The version numbering schema is as follows:
[Major]*.[Feature]*.[Patch] (Build *[Build ID]*)

--Tiago Bernardo


The breaking changes were only the addition of additional outputs on our client actions since we're changing the way we handle errors. This was marked as a breaking change because of the OS dependencies model that will require manual refresh references but is only that, no impact on the functionality and no need to implement anything else, just refresh references. In this case, we decided not to increase the feature number since we're not adding any new feature or changing it.


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