Billing of Active User License for both Internal & External Users

How is the billing done for Users in OutSystems ?

We are building an event app where user will come signup & participate in event. Post event this user will come back next year for new event. How should the licensing will work in this case. 

Are the user licenses counted as monthly active users or once the user account is created it will be billed life long even if user is returning or not ... can someone explain this ?

Furthermore we have AD Integration as part of scope for internal users & if company is having 5000+ Employees then are we required to buy 5000+ Internal User Licenses ?



Each user with the IsActive property set to true is counted as a user for the User license.

You can programattically set the InActive property to false or back to true with for example a timer.

This you could use to set users inactive after a period of thime since their last login.

You could change your login logic to check if a user logs in who's inactive property is false and decide to activate the user again by changing the IsActive property to true.

If you use an external IAM like AzureAD than you still need an Internal User in OutSystems so yes youneed to by an additional 4900 user lincenses,



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