AJAX refresh resetting the page's scroll location?

AJAX refresh resetting the page's scroll location?

I've got a table "below the fold" on the screen, and it has an input box that I've got an On Change event hooked into. That Action then calls Ajax Refresh, with animation set to "None". We're seeing the whole page jump back to the top when this happens. Is there a way to stop that from happening, or is this a bug?


Hi Justin

I just made a simple test with a 6.0 eSpace and I don't see that happening. My sample is attached.

Are you using another version of OutSystems? Can you post a sample eSpace that replicates that behavior?

Sorry, it's been really busy and I haven't had time to do it yet. The problem is that it's a very big OML and I really can't post it public at this point.

I am using 6.0. Do you think it is possible that CSS of some sort is to blame?

Have you checked for any JavaScript errors with Firebug (or equivalent tool) in ANY point of the screen? (Any, because they do matter even if they happen before the OnChange action is called)

Javascript errors can cause a few unexpected behaviours.
I found it... it was a bug all right... on my end (whoops!). Apparently, when I checked the actions causing the refresh, SOME had no animations, some had "Vertical Slide", but when I initially checked, all the ones I checked were "None"...

Thanks for the time on this!