Automatically synching the local storage when server data changed
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  I have local storage entity in my mobile application, for the same entity I have server database too, if records gets updated in server it should automatically synched to mobile's local storage without opening the application.

Is this scenario possible in mobile?

Hi Manoj,

you can set the SyncOnOnline variable to True in OfflineDataSyncConfiguration and build a logic to sync the data. It updates your local storage when device becomes online. Your logic should contain a verification if the server data has changed or not to start the sync.


Hi José,

I'm changing the server value while mobile is online not offline. If I change some data in server, it should immediately reflect in local database without manual synching.

You cannot trigger a sync from the server, only from your mobile. But on your mobile you can in every tap  verify the server assynchronously, if there is any value change, and if so start a sync the background.

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