i want to create tow interfaces in my app one for admin and one for the customer

i want to create two interfaces in my app one for admin and one for the customer

how to do it? currently i create tow modules each of them have one is it correct? if it is how to connect them

or maybe there is a way to create the two interfaces in one module? then which is it?

thank you

Hello Ali Alshehri,

Can you explain in detail what application you are trying to build, and the different functionality between admin and customer, if it's just one page you need to enable for admin, then you can achieve it in the same module itself.

Meanwhile, you can try the following logic to redirect users based on the role.

On your root application (Customer module), inside the login action, you can check for the role, 

If the user has an admin role redirect him to the admin module.

If the user has a customer role, continue the flow to use the main module.

Kind Regards,


Hello Ali Alshehri!

It really depends on the complexity/purpose of the application you are going to build.

If you are just studying about the technology, you can build a unique application, even to better understand the possibilities that you will have at your disposal.

Now, if you are creating an idea that you want to take forward, I suggest you take a look at this link:

Designing apps using an architecture framework

Watching this course, you will get a good idea of how important it is to think about the structure of your application and how it will help you in the future, being defined in the right way, both for the support of your environment and for scalability.

I hope it helped you.

Luiz Stanqueviski
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