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Service Studio Version
11.14.12 (Build 59645)


I have Created Person Entity with extended Photo Entity.(In Reactive Web )

In the Person Detail screen with the details I want to add Photo of Person.

I tried By Image  and Upload Widget but dint get success.

Kindly Help


Can you share an OML?

Maybe when you are saving that image, you are not assigning to the Person Entity the id of the user you are saving the image.

With an OML it's going to be easy to see that


I did a little demo, check the OML

What is wrong with your application is that maybe you forgot to assign the id from the USER, check the OML

Kind Regards,



Thanks Marcio.  I will do it tomorrow then will let you know. 

Why second source is not showing and not taking 

which type of error is this

It would be fantastic if you could copy the error and share it or even the OML at first as I said previously. And that it's not an error it's a suggestion.

Also, did you try to use the OML that I shared, or did you try to solve your problem?

Kind Regards,



I created one server action please use this or check this server action create as per the server action.

Modified and Updated.

Please check the Attached OML.

I hope this helps.

- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy



Ok, so I saw your UI and it was missing this.

The source of the doctor's photo entity to make the update.  So I add an input to the server action to receive the doctors photo record.

I also had to assign the doctor's id to the doctor's photo record that It's being created here

Check this UI version. And to make it work with the database make the expose read-only no

And add the file name attribute of data type text. And change the type attribute you had before to Image please just be equally right the names.


I will also pass the database module just in case you can't do the changes.

And I also took the chance to add the action to the database module in case you want to do everything server-side. That you, you just need to make the server action public and consume it in the UI Appointment. But of course, let's see first if you can save your photo. Using this development that I did, you will be able.

As you can see now I am able to change or update image to the doctor


Hi @Manorama Malviya 

While saving the picture into the Database by using CreateorUpdate Photo Entity at that time you need to pass the output of CreateorUpdate person entity please make sure the changes if you have done the same or not.

If not please check it.

Please find the attached post link and check my comments and OML file as well.

I Hope this helps.

-Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy 

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