How to set the size (width and hight) of an inlineSVG?
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.12 (Build 59645)
Platform Version
11.14.1 (Build 34445)

I am using the utility InlineSVG, with this utility i can use the (text ) source of the SVG and in the screen i will see the icon. 

My question is how i can set the widt and hight of the svg icon?

In the source the width and hight are for instance 602, so in my screen i see a very big icon.

I can not change the style of the utility, changing the style of an enclosing container has no effect, and setting the ExtendedClass property does not seem to have an effect,

Does anyone have some tips and trics?

Hi Sven,

Using Browser Inspect feature please check which CSS classes are applying on your SVG icon or its parents that are making it big icon. Once you found the CSS classes then please override that CSS classes in your screen by applying !important.


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