Hi i am new to processes and what i want to do like picture shows is in a conditional start check if the the other two consitional start are closed(Na posse de and PutDocumentInCirculation).How to do that?

Hi Luís,

I'm not sure if I understood what you want:

1. If you want to know if the Conditional Starts have ever been launched, I suggest you use a supporting entity that has:
  - ProcessId, NaPosseDe_Launched, SetEmPublicado_Launched
  Add a "On Start" callback to the Conditional Starts where you CreateUpdate the entity, setting the attribute to True. This callback executes every time the Conditional Start is launched.
  On the Anular flow, you can then check by ProcessId the status of the other process flows

2. If you want to determine if the automatic activities in the other flows have executed, just do the same as above in the end of the automatic activities logic.

3. Alternatively you can query the BPT Metamodel to determine which activities were are Ready, which were launched, closed, etc... but I think that would be just overhead on those simple flags.

Hope this helps
Ok .That's it
Just another thing.Do you see the wait control?I have to put that because i notice thar the conditional start's were been closed automatically but in the outsystems example no ,why?
Anyone knows?
How are you launching the conditional starts?
If a process "Main" flow reaches it's end and there are no active flows inside it (ex: those launched by a conditional start or a subflow launched from a "fork" in an activity) the process will close.
If you only have the process to listen to events, then you'll need the Wait to keep the process open and the conditional starts listening. I'm not sure which example you're referring to... but probably that process has more than an automatic activity. Probably it has some human activitiy to which the process is holding for, keeping the whole process active.
But if the process is terminated without wait or human activity ,what is it for the terminate process option in the end connector?
When the process is Terminated (any flow reaches an End node with Terminate set to Yes) all other flows/activities will be terminated at the point they are. So if an human activity is open, and you launch a conditional start that goes all the way through a Terminate, the process will be closed, and the manual activity will be "canceled".

Ok. In the outsystems example training  I could see in the table (activity) that the conditional start (dismiss) is created twice, the second time in the call button, it should not be in the same flow to avoid this?
Now i have this flow but it stops on wait  and its close on is just trigered with an entity action.I want that the conditional start executes exclusive with the buttons actions.