I couldn't get title when I clicked the image
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Hi Team,

I am a beginner in Outsystem and I am creating a cartoon mobile application and I have added image as binary type in the database and I have applied it in the gallery on the homepage. Also I have created a new screen to navigate while clicking the image. When it navigates to the other screen I can get the image but I could get the title for the image. I have tried in multiple ways but doesn't works.

I have also attached the oml file for the reference



You need to pass the inputs to the action. Like this.

Right now, you are always passing the first element of your list. So you need to pass what you want to the other screen. Right now I don't have permission to see the attributes, because you have a core module that I don't have. That's why I cannot give you a clean solution. But try to pass the inputs directly from the client action, and I think you will be able to see what you want. :)

You can also learn how to debug in OutSystems, and you can see what is happening behind




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