Hello everyone.
I have one table where user can defined intervals between two numbers, and i want the final value of interval is equal at value initial of previous interval.
How make this?

Regards, Paulo Torres
Hi Paulo,

Why dont you just initialize the ".Initial_Value_Interval" editrecord value on "AlertsManagement_Edit Preparation" action with the "previous" ".Final_Value_Interval" value retrieved from a simple query?

The idea is to define some intervals like this ones:

and so on...

It's possible to do this in many ways...

Rafael Pereira

Hello Rafael!
Thanks for your answer...
I got solved my problem, in action "Save" i make one query table, top 1, order by DESC and i put this value in one variable temporary.
In the end one IF for make the validation.

Best Regards, Paulo Torres
Happy to help you!