[OutSystems UI] DropdownSearch widget is not refreshing when pressing backspace on last char
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Hi All,

I am using DropdownSearch from OutSystemsUI in my app. Currently I am facing one weird issue in Mobile PWA application. When a user search any text in the DropdownSearch in Mobile browser and press backspace to remove the search text one by one the search result are refreshing fine till last char left but when last char is being removed the search result is not refreshing. I am attaching the video for reference.

Let me know if anyone found solution for this.



Hello Pankaj,

From your video I noticed that after removing last char, content get refresh but it takes little bit time. Are you fetching dropdown data by some query. Is there any possibility like when we clear all the text then there are much records in drop and that's why take it takes little bit time.


Hi Vikas,

After pressing the back space on last char the dropdown is not getting refresh. I wait for so long but it did not refresh.

You can also check in the sample OML.


Hi @Pankaj Jain 

What's the version of OutSystems UI you're using?
Could you share a sample oml with that use case being reproduced?


Hi Gonçalo Martins,

I am currently using 2.7.2 version. Please also find the attached oml.



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