Integration with ERP / CRM and other systems with complex/large entities

Integration with ERP / CRM and other systems with complex/large entities

HI everyone, 

I'm developing a Dashboard WebApp for Brazilian customers consuming theire ERP data model via DatabaseConnection! So far everything is running well regarding the connection itself and performance reading external data.
But I have entities with 40, 50 and sometimes with more than 80 columns and the IntelliWarps generates the "CRUD" screens with all columns.
For usability reasons we'll never expose a ListPage with more than 20 columns...its too much information for a regular computer screen. 
For live demos, for example, when we have a short time frame it's very inconvinient to remove the unecessary columns after the IntelliWarp  and with 5.1 I didn't find any option to configure the "max number of columns generated by IntelliWarp". 
Is there any chance to include a "20 columns limit" for screens generated via Intelliwarp on 5.1 and or 6.0 future relases?  
It's a very important improvement for OutSystems / ERP integrators like me...For SAP direct read (wich it's not recomended for lots of reasons) we'll probably face the same problem.

Rafael Pereira
Interesting question Rafael.

We've actually gotten that question a few times in the last few months and made small tweak in IntelliWarp to address it. We've imposed a limit to the number of columns used for the screens created by IntelliWarp. Obviously you can still go to the screen and add the remaining columns manually.

This should be avaliable in last releases of 6.0.

Give it a try and let me know if it suits your needs.

All the best,
Hi Pedro,

Already working for! A small change with big and positive effect for development and demos.

Rafael Pereira 

I've tables with many columns, if I use intelliwarp to create an edit-screen, the screen contains up to 20 columns, so I have to drag the others columns one-by-one. Is there an option to change the max-size? Or to drag and drop the others columns at once instead of one-by-one?

nope, that's a internal thingy. 

which should be a warning when actually drag'n'drop. you never get any notification, that only 20 columns will get warped

Hi Hans,

Check out my idea and if you like it vote for it... I share the same frustration as you!