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I saw some discussions about this topic, but i think i don't get it, i know that i have to create traditional and consume that with my reactive, i created the e-mail on traditional and the action, i did the manage dependencies for consume that but now where do i put who is sending and who is receiving the e-mail? I have the entity "Utilizador" on my my database and i have the entity attribute "Email" how can i put the default e-mail address and go to database and put de is the person who receive?


Have you referred this link to know how it works in Reactive app? If not, please go through with this link.

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You dont need to use traditional, you can do it in reactive already.

And for the question of the emails, you can put the attribute sender and receiver on the email entity, or you can create a thirty entity because a user can send/receive a lot of emails and an email can be sent/receive by a lot of users

Hi! Thanks for the help! But can you guys do an example and print screen it? I would appreciate it! 


You can have a look at this forge asset, it's sending an email in reactive but it has a use case and it's not your use case.

If you have any doubts about the logic to include the sender and receiver feel free to ask.

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So, in my reactive app i created this e-mail and this action with some input parameters, but when i register i want to send that welcome e-mail but it doesn't send, i don't know where do i put the sender and the receiver of the e-mail (to register the user uses an e-mail, how can i use it to say that he is the receiver?)


Then you can create input parameters to get them from and to, in this case, sender and receiver... You need to get which user you want to send the email to. And if you want to send multiple emails you need to adapt your logic.

Do you have any programming background or did you do the training? or guided path?

I would advise you to at least follow one guided path before doing this. That way you will be more prepared. And you can work on your project at the same time

I advise you to go for reactive, if you want more logic and understand the platform I would go for traditional, but that is going to be deprecated.

And if you have any questions, before asking some questions look on the forums, maybe there was already someone with the same problem as yours! :)

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