Start working on OutSystems

Hello, I would like to start to work and learn more about  OutSystems. 

What should I do? 

Hello and welcome!

So to start you can check this link here that gives you a brief introduction to how to start*mawzkc*_ga*NTE5ODUyNDc3LjE2NDgwMjU1NDM.*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTY0OTI4MTE4MC45LjEuMTY0OTI4NTMwNS4zNA..

And first, you need to train and show your training in case you are trying to find an opportunity to work.

For that, there are a lot of training courses and guided paths where you can start, and some of them help you to create projects. After the training and you feel capable go for other projects.

And you can have a look here at jobs opportunities

I hope that I could help you. In any case, any questions feel free to ask.

I will leave here some links that might help you:

Kind Regards and all the best,


Hi Carlos,

If you are new to coding I think that's very important to make a small SQL course before starting in OutSystems to understand how a database work.
After that, you can do this guided path.
Once finished I recommend you to read this topic.

You can use this as a guide and this to help.

hi carlos

Using this link you can learn traditional Application after that you can learn reactive application

Hi Carlos, You can start learning with Traditional web app Development and then you can try Reactive or Mobile app Development depends on your choice.

while learning these topics , you will get to know, what more you need to learn.

Hope it helps!


Hi, to start now I don't think that is a smart move to lear traditional, that is a tecnology that OutSystems is trying to end. Focus your effort to leran react and mobile.

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