Dragging entities onto a web screen is only producing the table

Dragging entities onto a web screen is only producing the table

In some of my previous applications, when I dragged an entity from the right hand menu onto a web page, I got something that looked like:

Create new Name | Delete Name
Column1     Column2     Column3

Now I get:

List_Counter Web Block
Column1     Column2     Column3
List_Navigation Web Block

Dragging some entities to the same container produces the first table.  Others get the second.  I can't see anything about the properties of the entity, the number or types of attributes, or the number of results that should cause different results from the same drag and drop operation.

What am I doing wrong here?
Hi Craig,

You are not doing anything wrong. I believe the first case is when you have a master-details relationship, i.e. when you drag an entity that has a foreign key to another entity that is being used by a show or edit record widget in the same screen. 

Tiago Simões
Here's the weird thing...  The first time I drag an entity with a foreign key onto a web page, it produces a master-details relationship table.  If I delete that table for some reason and then try and drag the same entity onto the page again, it won't let me.  I first have to drag a table widget onto the page and then drop my entity into that.  But it doesn't create the pop-up editor or the links to "create new" or "delete selected".
Make sure that you also deleted the screen actions together with the table

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra