How to link and use existing SQL Server user credential table in Web Interactive App?

Hello, I would like to ask how can I create a login screen using the existing userID & password in my SQL Server?

What I have done is creating an extension to connect to my SQL Server. I saw there is a default login screen under UI Flows/Common/Login. When I double click on the "Login" button, it directs me to the Login client action. 

May I know where can I import my extension entity to check for the user login details?

Appreciate if anyone can help.

OutSystems default login method validate the user against OutSystems User table. If you want to authenticate against external db table then you need to copy the external user data into OutSystems User table by some logic.

Like first check user in external table, if exists there but not in OutSystems User table then create one user in OutSystems User table. Until user is not in Users table will not be able to login into OutSystems applications.

I have imported my table by connecting via Extension. May I know how to link the checking of password and userID when user clicks on the login button in login page?

Below is the screenshot of OutSystems login client method. Before DoLogin method, you can call other server action and in that server action you will check that if user exists in external DB or not.


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