Logic functionality for a button

Hi Everyone,

Working on creating a logic action to store the below marked  options which are the result of drop down selected, Comments Input and the data of the table .


Hi Saif,

What are you looking for ?

on button  Accept, when clicked, i need the data of the drop down menu to be stored along with the comments data inside the database.

So for that, you will need to refactor your entities and think a little about the relationship you have in your tables.

Because as you can see you want to save multiple values, and you want to save the table and input and dropdown values anything needs to be related or connected with (foreign)ids.

Do you want to save what is on the table too? 

EDIT: So you will need to create a report id for the compare table, once you have that you will be able to see the report's data.

After that, you just need to create an entity, call it reportComments, that will save the comment, dropdown value/id of selection, and a boolean to see if it was rejected or accepted.

On the compare entity, you also need to include the reportCommentsId, to know in the future if there were any comments about that report.

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yes. because if not stored, the data  on click would have no reference/ relation to the table.

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