[OutSystems UI] DatePicker in 2.8.3 - Refresh Input Value
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Have been reviewing the new DatePicker and I have ran into a problem I am unable to solve.

I cannot understand how to refresh the date in the date picker input when you want to adjust its value programmatically.

Example attached with buttons adjusting the date variable up and down - how do I get this to refresh in the Input widget for the date picker? 

My other question is, what is the best method of setting the value from a DB entity for the date picker? Setting it directly to the DB entity makes is unreliable and of course setting it to a local value results in the issue I mention above.

Thanks in advance, Mark


Hi Mark Bayles,

First of all that for your feedback and sample with the issue.

We'll take a look on it and let you know about our findings. 

Thank you again,


Hi José Rio, i am having the same problem that Mark mentioned, do you know how to fix this issue ?

Thank you, 

Denise Rodrigues

Hi @Denise Rodrigues,

We are working on a new client action, to update the initialDate for DatePicker and DatePickerRange.

This will be released on version 2.9.0, on May 30th.

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso

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