[Uni_work pls help]  Problem with saving in the database

Hi everyone,

Basicly i want to create a page that the user would be able to edit their variables, but when i do it it doesnt save to the data_base.

When i click the save button it doenst save the name and username that i wrote before.

I send the project in 2 weeks, it would be very usefull, if someone gave me some tricks.

Thank u for ur attention,

Francisco Alves

In which table you are trying to insert data. According to this form on the click of save button  you just need to get the values of all input fields and call create method of the entity data will be saved. 

Please help to provide little more context of the issue. Is issue only with name and username field and is it User table ?


 Thank you for your time responding, furtonatuly one of the others group member, chose to fix it, and he is going to take care of it.

Thank u very much


You have two ways

1.using client action, pick and drop create and update action from your entity in Data tab.

2.using Server action, create a server action from logic tab ..pick and drop create and update from entity in data tab.

Then use this server action in client action.

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