Forge Update: Add documentation per version

Hello, OutSystems Community!

Did you know that, according to the last Product Survey, Documentation was considered the top 1 resource to judge the reliability of Forge components?

Furthermore, did you know that the usage of assets with Documentation is 4x higher than assets without Documentation? 

With this in mind, we’re adding a new capability to Forge:

  • You can now add documentation to specific versions of your assets and ensure they’re always up-to-date and easy to consume.

Try it out, and let us know your thoughts about it or any other feedback you might have!

Have a great week,



I agree that the assets with proper and detailed documentation help other members to know about its core functionalities which makes their high usage. 

100%! We're glad you relate to this improvement. Let us know if you have feedback. Have a nice day.

I Agree! I do respect and trust much more the components with documentation. It is much easier to understand with docs + sample how the component works and how to use it correctly. Nice improvement in Forge.

Great Improvement!!

Nice :)

fair enough


Nice Improvement!!

Great improvement to help developers write down and allow other devs to understand functionalities and (breaking) changes among versions.

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